Bring Your Blinds Into the Future

Hook up your blinds to a motor to make things easier

Shutting your blinds has never been easier. Thanks to industry-leading technology from The Blind Guy of North Dakota, now every window in your house can be fully motorized. All you have to do is push a button to draw the shades or shut the blinds.

You'll be able to operate the shade on just one window or multiple windows at the same time. Not having cords also makes these window coverings much safer for children.

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Add blinds and shades where you couldn't have them before

Do you have windows high up where you can't reach them? We can install shades over these windows and hook them up to a motor. You'll be able to draw the shade on windows that you can't physically reach.

This is also a great solution for large windows. You can get some peace and shade without needing a stepladder or a giant cord.

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